It's an Audio Detour

What an audio detour is

Its an Audio De-Tour is a piece of site specific performance art for two people. It goes in through your ears and out through your feet. Each tour lasts 30 minutes. At the starting point, you and your partner pick up an mp3 player each. A voice describes your surroundings and takes you each on a separate but synchronised journey through public and private spaces, using the architecture of the city as stage design. Its an Audio De-Tour layers choreography, soundscapes and stories on top of the real city and asks you to use everyday space with a playful and childlike sense of experimentation, exploration and adventure, exploring places you might normally ignore. It's an Audio De-Tour is made afresh for every space.

How to take an audio detour:

1. Find one free half hour and one friend/stranger/partner who has one too.

2. Go to the detour starting point.

3. Collect an mp3 player each or download the audio file onto your own player.

4. Press play at the same time and put your player on hold.

5. Listen and follow the instructions you hear for the following 30 minutes.

It's an Audio Detour is a collaboration between Fiona Hallinan and Maebh Cheasty. Sound design has been produced by Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, Peter Morrow and Alex Synge

From April 2008 It's an Audio Detour: Forever and Ever is available on an ongoing basis from Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

The tour is available to take every day except Sunday from 12pm to 7pm. It takes 30 minutes.

Detours of the past

Trinity Arts Festival February 2006

The first Audio Detour was arranged as part of the first ever Trinity Arts Festival. Collaborating with Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, this detour was initiated as a reaction to the regular tours of Trinity College, where legions of tourists are led on a historic guided route each day through the campus, culminating in the Book of Kells. At the beginning the detour was designed as a duet, where two participants listened to separate recordings, which led them on diverging and intersecting routes. The participants listened to instructions that led them around the non-places of the campus, including basement lockers in the Arts block, stone pyramids behind the library and empty corridors. They were each read a code at a certain point that allowed them to enter a quiet building at the back end of the college. The detour used the architecture of the college as a series of hiding places and opening and closing viewpoints. The instructions were overlapped with an original audio composition by O'Raghallaigh and observations on Trinity College people and spaces.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2006

It's an Audio Detour was created at The Forest Cafe, a not-for-profit arts space, vegetarian café and venue on Bristo Place. Situated in the Forest’s gallery, Total Kunst, the Audio Detour appeared first as drawings covering its windows and then as a site-specific walking tour for two around the Meadows.

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